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Trinity's Market Strategy

Our building system (Integrated Post and Panel or IPP) should be treated as an industry disruptor. Our revolutionary approach challenges the conventional methods of builders engaged in constructing residential and small-to-medium commercial buildings.

Our sales strategy heavily relies on testimonials and data channeled through social media, trade shows, radio, TV, and live appearances.  These sources provide builders and customers with white papers, energy charts and other materials that demonstrate the advantages of the Trinity IPP system.

As such, the target market segments to focus on are residential and small-to-medium commercial builders. Because of the special market characteristics (especially rural and suburban builders, which are our core market), our sales strategy includes an information-rich website, with white papers, energy charts, and other sales-supporting materials that clearly demonstrate the advantages of the Trinity IPP system. Through online and print post and panel products, websites, social media, trade show appearances, and radio, TV or live appearances, builders can rely on Trinity Post & Panel Inc. to provide the information they need — in whatever format they prefer to consume it.

Following are our market position, pricing, and product margin structures.  We plan to review these every quarter in order to ensure that potential profits are not being lost.


Trinity Post and Panel Inc. is seen by those in the construction industry as an innovator in the energy-efficient, green and "better than pre-fab" building markets. Trinity's most unique characteristic is the speed at which a medium-sized home can be completed to the lock-up stage — in as little as 18 hours.

Our product's superior energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, pest/fire/water-resistance of insulation, etc., are instrumental in arriving at a winning position in the decision-maker's mind.

Our market research shows that we enjoy a very strong commitment from those considering "tiny" home and rural home construction.  For this market segment, framed structures, log houses and pre-fab buildings can't compete with Trinity's IPP advantages mentioned briefly in the preceding paragraph and elsewhere on this site.

By adapting our patented technologies to various building market segments and designs, by steadfast community involvement at a local level,  through effective use of social media, etc.,  we can significantly increase the mindshare of our audience.   


Our prices are determined by production efficiencies and costs.
When construction time, manpower and risk factors are considered, our prices are lower than pre-fab solutions and much lower than fully manual (stick building) methods.

Our construction sidesteps such disadvantages to the owner as insulation off-gas emissions, pest infestations, risk of hidden water and/or fire damage during and after construction.

Our higher manufacturing costs are offset by the tax rebates available, by the vastly lower labour costs, by greater energy efficiency and by the higher long-term resale value.


We are switching from importing some of our materials from the U.S. to an entirely Canada-based manufacturing facility. This move will allow us to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across the board.


We currently serve residential and small-to-medium commercial builders primarily in the B.C. market. As our technology is well suited to multiple building types, we anticipate a move into additional markets — especially those in which energy efficiency and/or build time is a priority, such as schools and businesses. The ability to easily adapt existing designs to the IPP technology is a particularly strategic opportunity.

Manufacturer Representation

We own all the patent rights to our IPP technology and intend to aggressively pursue licensing opportunities with these patents.

Partner Programs

We will, in 2017, offer an expanded range of partner services, including interior finishing, electrical and flooring systems, gutters, HVAC, and so on. The integration of these systems will further demonstrate the advantages of our holistic approach. Trinity will work with its partners on consultancy and training services for builders and licensees.


Interested investors are encouraged to contact
Trinity CEO Ken Harper at +1 (250) 791-0028


Did you know?

Under a relatively little-known provincial investment capital program, B.C. resident investors can get a tax refund for 30% of the amount of their investment. 
Find out how it works.

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