Meet Ken Harper

Take a tour of the show home and meet Ken Harper, the CEO of Trinity Post and Panel and inventor of the innovative IPP technology.

On Global TV

GlobalTV Interview with Tyson Kidd, BC Home and Garden Show Manager, inside the Trinity Post and Panel Display Home.

An Intelligent Approach to a Healthy Home

Polyurethane foam has one of the lowest moisture permeability ratings — a rating of 1.2 — of any product in the building industry today. Benefits: No pests, No allergens, No dust, No Mildew, No Mold, No Off-Gasing or PCBs.

And what about Insulation (or R-Values)? At R28+ for 4.5-inch walls and R40+ for 6.5-inch roof panels, the IPP system exceeds the newest building code regulations. The result: an airtight home, delivering saving and comfort.

Fire Resistance? On its own, Polyurethane will not burn and will extinguish itself. It is a thermal-set plastic, which will not melt. With a Class 1 foam rating — the highest a building product can obtain — at 1000 degrees polyurethane will only char. This quality translates into an impressive 2 Hour fire rating that provides extra time and safety!

Sound Proof: with a density of 2.2 lbs. (twice that of EPS foam), IPP's insulating foam resists most chemicals and provides quiet comfort.

An Intelligent Design for Affordable Housing

When Time is Money, IPP technology:

Fixed Cost Budgeting

Every IPP project offers many advantages over traditional framing. You can budget and plan with predictable certainty, reducing cost overruns, trade delays, overlaps, inaccuracies, errors, material waste and costly downtime. The IPP building envelope installs quickly and replaces a spectrum of trades and materials. This translates into a larger portion of the project completed in less time with airtight accuracy. As a result, your project runs smoother easing coordinating and scheduling tasks. Interior and exterior trades can start and finish sooner improving output capacity, while simplifying tasks and hence reducing expenses.

Sustainable Benefits

With IPP technology, your projects will offer more value for every consumer dollar spent. Buyers will realize ongoing benefits. Supplier rebates, energy saving initiatives, reduced operating cost, decreased energy use, increased comfort and safety are but a few of immediate benefits. Extra usable space and a longer life-cycle, including a higher resale value, makes investing in an IPP-built home a lasting advantage for many generations to come.

An Intelligent Construction Choice

Why IPP instead of Stick-Framing?

IPP Building Envelopes are Smart because they are

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