The design is innovative.

Our structures can be build to meet innovative architectural requirements. Big open spaces are no longer a challenge. A family home can be set up to completion within days.

With our revolutionary integrated post and panel (IPP®) building system, construction of your new home goes from a several-week process down to a number of days.

The flexibility is intelligent.

With our flexible and adaptable system, the construction time of your new home is reduced from weeks to only days.

Our IPP-built homes are structured to exceed qualifications set by Energy Star, R-2000 and LEED. Compared to our competitors, we provide the most energy savings per square foot.

The possibilities are integrated.

The various features of our post and panel homes work together to provide the most energy-efficient and spacious structures in the category of wood-based designs.

The insulated panels arrive preinstalled with electrical conduits and boxes. This makes wiring your home a snap and avoids the need to drill into its structural components.

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